One pet peeve of mine is that bathrooms in most office buildings are locked these days. I don’t get it. This is after I have gone through security in the lobby of the building. What do they think I will be doing in the bathroom (except the obvious)? For example, at a recent meeting I attended at the Sears Tower, I needed to practically get stripped searched before I entered the building. For those of you that have been there, the security is like the airport. After taking 3 elevators to get to the “463rd floor” where my meeting was, I had to get a key to go to the men’s room. I for one, have never found anything interesting going on in the bathroom except maybe men at the urinal talking on their cell phones (another pet peeve of mine). It seems to me, that building owners guard these bathrooms better than other sensitive parts of the buildings. Maybe I should try to steal a few rolls of toilet paper next time and see what happens to me on the way out 🙂