In a special podcast today that I hosted with Joel Comm, Author of the NYT Best Selling Book, “Twitter PowerHow to Dominate Your Market One Tweet At A Time“, He describes the best way to build a relationship online or IRL (In Real Life)

1. Like Me- You think there is something to learn from me or it will be interesting or fun

2. Get to Know Me- I tell you more about who I am

3. Trust Me- You prove over a period of time you can be trusted

4. Pay Me- Buy something from me

Joel says that the mistake that most people make in creating relationships is they jump to #4 Sell me something right away and their outreach efforts do not work.

Listen as Joel and I talked about:

1. What is the simple definition of what Twitter is?
2. How has this been used by people recently?
3. Who uses Twitter?
4. What is the biggest mistake people make in using the tool?

5. How can you use Twitter to help your business?
6. Are there case studies out there of ways people have used Twitter in Biz
7. Who do you follow on Twitter
8. Find People on Twitter work
9. Contests on Twitter
10. Best Tools to use on top of Twitter
11. Best Companion Sites

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