Tiger and ElinIf there is one person in this country that needs to bounce back it’s Tiger Woods. Selfishly, I want to watch the greatest golfer that ever lived, well play golf again.

I will not pass judgements on Tiger’s past actions, but instead give him advice on what he needs to do to bounce! (and what we can all learn):

1. Humility. No one now knows more than Tiger Woods that life changes very quickly and bad times happen for even billion dollar sports heroes. There is alot of luck and randomness at play here if any of the news reports are close to correct.  Tiger needs to accept what has happened and right size his ego. Whether this is fair or not, I will let others debate that. Tiger finally took the first step in this direction when he announced on Friday on his web site that he was leaving golf for an indefinite period of time to focus on his family. Step 1 has started for Tiger.

2. Give Up the Shame and Let Go. Believe it or not, Tiger needs to give up the shame around his admitted actions. He can wallow in it for awhile if he wants and ask why me now? It can be therapeutic sometimes for me to cheer the darkness. But eventually to move on to whatever comes next, he has to grieve this failure and let go. An appearance on Oprah would probably help. If Elin was there, if that fits for her, that’s even better.

3. Set Patient Interim Goals for the next success. Tiger needs to focus getting back on track. What can he do to feel like he is repairing the damage? He states he will be focus on rebuilding his relationship with his family. He should also look at rebuilding the relationship with his business sponsors such as Accenture, AT&T, Gatorade, and Nike. He should slowly take on new commitments to regain the relationships from people around him.

4. Get back on the golf course and win! Although we hold up our sports superstar to super hero standards, we will forgive Tiger once he gets back on the golf course and wins. In the end, what we really what we want from Tiger is for him to play amazing golf. He is the greatest golfer that ever lived, and we want to watch more of him on the golf course more than any evening news! Our Sunday afternoon’s won’t be complete until that happens.

What other advice do you have for Tiger to bounce?