From SXSW:

One of the first sessions I went to at SXSW interactive was called “How Not to Be a Douche Bag at SXSW” hosted by @violetblue and @edrabbit.

Now these are good guidelines for any trade show, convention or business conference you attend. I have sometimes stepped over this line and been a douche bag, but I am getting better.

Here are 10 ways to spot a douche bag mentioned at the session:

1. They call themselves an expert, guru or ninja.

2. They are always badge surfing even when you are talking to them to see if there is someone better around to talk to.

3. They shove their business card at you even before they introduce themselves.

4. They only wear free shirts with logos that they get at conferences.

5. They always are cutting in line.

6. They take a picture of you without asking.

7. They pitch their company when they are asking a question to a speaker or panel.

8. They monopolize the panelist’s time afterwards and don’t let anyone else ask questions.

9 They tweet mean comments on Twitter when people are presenting.

10. They hog the outlets in any room.

How do you identify a douche bag???