This is a time of giving.  I was blown away by an idea that my friend, Jim Kukral, had last Wednesday right before Thanksgiving.  This is a guest blog post on what he did.

“Last Wednesday, on the day before Thanksgiving I had a spur of the moment idea.  What if I gave away my time to all of you?  So I sent out an email to thousands of people saying simply, “call me”, and I gave you my direct phone number.

And you did.  Wow.  Here are the results of that email.
250+ email responses
to which I have responded to every single one.
100+ phone calls with 54 voice mails.
Over 15-hours of my time on the phone speaking to you or responding to your emails.

Money made on consulting fees? Zero.
New friends and fans for me? HUNDREDS!
People who got helped or unstuck? HUNDREDS!

So why did I do it?  Because when you give, you get.  I just recently finished a great book called “The Go Giver“.  It’s about how to think about giving, instead of getting.  Because when you give with your heart, and when you are motivated by trying to help people…you succeed.

I know.  It sounds so corny.  But it’s true, and I’ve been practicing it for years now.  In fact, I’ve dedicated my career to helping people.  That’s what I do.

So the question for you today is: What are you giving? Think about it.  This isn’t about donating money to a charity.  This is about truly finding ways to give.  When was the last time you picked up the phone and called your customers and ask them what YOU could do for them?  Try it and see what happens.”

On a daily basis, Jim Kukral spends most of his time helping entrepreneurs and small business owners learn how to find success online.  His passion for teaching shines through in his training and coaching programs that have been taken by business owners from around the globe.  He is the author of a great book, Attention!  This Book Will Make You Money