Today is election day in Chicago. It’s a pretty significant  since for the first time in 50 years, an incumbant mayor is not running for office. Unfortunately turnout is expected to be low.

On my way to the polls, I stopped at the bank to deposit a few checks. I asked the two tellers if they were going to vote. Both of them said no. When I asked why they said, “All politicians are jerks” and “I never vote. It does not make difference”. Tell this to the people of many north African and Middle East countries that are revolting against their governments  now because they do not have the right to vote and choose their leaders. Many people are dying for the right to vote!

Democracy is a messy thing and its not perfect , but it takes participation. The very least we can do is go out and vote to choose our leaders. Better yet, participate in the process. This year, I hosted a fundraiser, collected signature for a candidate, passed out literature door to door and called people to get out the vote.

I suspect, if we didn’t have the right to vote, many of us would be out on our streets demanding it.