I had the fortunate opportunity to speak to the staff at Miraval, the world famous resort and retreat . I talked to their staff about how social media makes customer service the new marketing. Miraval is known for its world class customer service and what I experienced over the next 3 days was proof. The staff at Miraval knows that each moment with a guest counts. They know that great customer service needs to be demonstrated "consistently and constantly". They know how each of these moments add up to a "blow you away" customer service experience the guest will always remember (and tell others about on social media!). Here are just three examples:

1. Whatever it takes, even if they have to wax your leg. I had landed in a Prickly Pear Cactus bush on my mountain bike ride. After our guide, Connor applied first aid at the scene (which consists of trying to pick out the thorns one by one), the staff took me to the spa. Between her appointments (and at no charge), Kim waxed parts of my left leg to get all of the thorns out! 

2. The best guest experience by everyone. When I went by a maintenance person that was trimming the grass, he smiled at me, turned off his machine until I had passed by him so I would not have to hear the noise close up.

3. Accept responsibility. During a lecture, when Junelle thought the room was too warm, she tried to adjust the thermostat. She did not complain about the building engineer or blame them. She apologized and worked on resolving the situation. 

4. It’s all about you. Unlike at other resorts where the guests have to fit into rules, Miraval makes it all about you. When I went on a  hiking trip, the guides, Eileen and Matt ensured that I went at a pace which was challenging yet enjoyable for me (and didn’t impact the rest of the group).

Customer service is whatever a customer says at each moment of interaction. Miraval practices what it preaches: mindful customer service.