I attend quite a few social media conferences during the year.  What I love about SOBCon is that it is limited to 150 people.  Its small size allows a unique interactive format where the attendee gets to talk with everyone.

Since I had lost my voice earlier that week, I was forced to do a lot of listening.  For me, this was a big test!  Here are some of my favorite quotes from the two days I was there:

Cathy Brooks : "Perception requires participation."

Chris Guillebeau: "Contribution is not something that is sacrificial." and "Advice on how to live a great life is totally overrated." and "Leadership is not titles, it's influence." and "Instead of efficiency, consider adventure."

Tim Sanders: "Scarcity thinking is a disease.  When you realize there is abundance in the world, you will share and truly be rich." and "Feed your mind only good stuff in a mind diet." and "Criticism in your face is a gift." and "Eat the nut, not the shell." and "Objectify failure, own success." and "If you can worry, you can dream." and "Exercise your gratitude muscle." and "Go create a ripple in the world."

Steve Farber "Don't worry about always having something new to discuss.  The important idea is to share it in your own voice." and "You are not a derivative work."

Michael Port  "You only can make sales offers proportional to the trust that they have with their prospect or customer." and "No one wants to hear your elevator speech.  Instead have a conversation about who you serve." and "Marketing is about being relevant."

Carol Roth " A business needs to understand the difference between senders and spenders."  She also explained that the "js" in her Twitter handle (@caroljsroth) does not stand for "Jesus Saves" 

Liz Srauss "Leadership is about taking action."

Angela Maiers "In a small town, we do not differentiate between us and the town.  We are our town."

Chris Brogan "I love seeing the spark in people."

What are some of your favorite quotes?