It was real life Jack Bauer stuff.  President Obama on the news announcing that the CIA and US Counter Terrorist Operatives found Bin Laden and took him out in a firefight.  Congratulations and our thanks to the men and women that risked their lives to get this done.  This was a hard 10 year assignment.

This got me thinking that since the U.S. Special Forces were so good at this, there are a few other problems right here in the U.S. that they could help us with:

1.  Help a small business get a bank loan: This has been a most daunting task post the Great Recession.  Obama and the SBA have tried to make this happen, but they still can't get the banks to make a loan.  Perhaps we can get the special forces to go in and a) find the TARP money that the government lent the banks for this purpose, and b) hold the bank president hostage until they issue more loans (I have seen that in movies and on 24).

2.  Help homeowners get a mortgage: See #1 for same solution.

3.  Keep health premiums for small business low : There has been nothing that has skyrocketed more than health insurance costs this past 5 years.  Perhaps we can get special forces to deliver our insurance claims so health insurance companies can't say they never got them.

What else would you have our special forces do for small business?