Today's guest post is from John Wren, business consultant, and adult educator


"Since 1727 when Ben Franklin first met with a group of friends, Americans have been having a conversation to help each other answer that question.  As a result, here is my current take on ways we can each connect now on the path towards our next first day on a new job or with a new client:


 1.  We connect with self to recover mindfulness, to wake up.  In football recovery is called getting back up into a good hitting position; players hit and recover.  If there is a mental, physical, or spiritual problem, now is the time to address it.


We build on our strengths.  Mickey Mantle didn’t stay at short stop.  Some have found it helpful to take the free strength finder quiz on, or to just ask a friend, sponsor, mentor, CPA, attorney, insurance agent, or banker for his or her frank assessment. 


Once on our feet (which might be now for you), we write a simple one page game plan involving the next 4 items on this list.  Then we share what we are doing with others: forward this to a good friend with an invitation to help each other.


2.  We connect and reconnect with institutions that are important to each of us.  None of us can do much in isolation.  We make amends and restore good relations as best we can with our family.  We completely commit ourselves to our church, temple, or synagogue and/or our 12 step recovery program.  We join or become more active in a service club, chamber of commerce, trade association, or other group that is important to us.  We go back to school or become more active in our alumni group.  We join or start a peer advisory group or book discussion group. 


3.  We connect with our work, good work that allows us to be active citizens.  Business owners and managers often hire an assistant who will allow the boss free time to be a good citizen.  Those who are unemployed or underemployed in a job that makes life all business look for an opportunity to become that assistant or another good job that allows their own community participation. Or we start our own business.


4.  We connect with our community.  We run for elected public office, party leadership, or we help other good people get elected. Google the political party of your choice and your ZIP code, make a phone call, and volunteer to help in your neighborhood.  In 2012 you’ll be in position to make a real difference.


5.  We connect with the great American conversation as life-long learners.  Many have found our local library to be a great resource. 


 John S. Wren, MBA+ is a business consultant, and adult educator.  He is the founder of the Small Business Chamber of Commerce  For more see or contact him at, (303)861-1447