It still takes 10 years to break even on the additional cost of an electric car even with gas at $4. So why do it? Here are my top reasons.

1. No more dependence on foreign oil. I am tired of other oil producing countries using their product as leverage on U.S. domestic policy. Critical to our future is energy independence. I know that how the electricity gets generated for the car may not always clean energy, but I will pick this type because at least it’s produced domestically.

2. I am a techno-gadget guy. When no one else will talk to me, at least my car will and there is an app for that. Through my iPhone, I can talk to the car and turn the heat or A/C in the car from my iPhone for the morning or when I leave a store. This means that the temperature is always right!

3. Premium parking spaces. More retail outlets are giving premium parking spots to electric and hybrid cars. It’s nice being so close and convenient for shopping.