I have to admit it, I have been a long time LeBron James hater. Maybe I am sore that he didn’t pick the Chicago Bulls to play with after he left the Cleveland Cavaliers. Maybe I can’t stand him because of the conceited way he handled that entire affair when he took “his talents to South Beach“. 

But I have to admit, LeBron and the Miami Heat did accomplish something special by winning the NBA Championship this week. In sports, it is especially difficult for a team of superstars like James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh to play together and win. History shows that you really can’t buy a championship.  Head coach, Erik Spoelstra deserves of a lot credit for leading these three large ego superstarts to their goal. Each of the big three had to be on the same page with the head coach to win it all.

Winning in business is not just about having the best employees or individual contributors. The key is to have a leader (like you) that can build a team where everyone uses their skills to build toward a common goal. You can have great employers, but achieve nothing as a company unless you build a team.

How are you leading your superstars to the company’s goals?