I was pondering this questions when I was on the radio last week at WGN with Carol Roth. In this $14 Trillion economy does it really matter who won the election? Look at all the steps that President Obama took last year to help small business. Has it had that much of an impact? The answer to this question is yes and no:

Yes: Some of the the tax cuts that President Obama has passed have been favorable to small business owners with the Jobs Act in 2010. The newly passed Start Up America Act that eases restrictions on companies raising capital may help. I believe Obamacare may free s0me “would be” small business owners from their job and allow them to get a business started. It will also help companies under 50 employees pay for healthcare.

No: Both parties profess undyling love for the small business owner, but little has ever been done to help them. The uncertainty over the fiscal cliff and what is going on in Washington is hurting red and blue small business.  Overall, small business owners should not look to the Federal (or state) government to help them with their business. In this capitalist economy, every small business owner needs to go out and land another customer. They need to take steps to manage their business in a financially responsible way. They need to build a team that can grow their business. No one else can ultimately help them to do the most important tasks.

What do you think?