When I first started to use the iPad for my travel computer, I missed the lack of a USB port. How was I going to get files on and off the computer for traveling?

Enter the Cloud! I started using Dropbox to store documents that I needed while on the road. For most things, this works well.

However, sometimes I need to do my Small Business Radio show on the road. For me to do the show well, I not only need a computer that runs Flash (which the iPad doesn’t- rats, Steve Jobs) plus at least one USB port for the SKYPE radio microphone. Without that USB port, I am left with very poor sound quality. Enter the Microsoft Surface. This new tablet ($499) has Flash and a USB port.  I could also use one of the new Dell Tablets, but again its not cheap! Now there is a new Google Chromebook from Samsung laptop that sells for $249.

Do you miss not having a USB port on your tablet device? Or does the cloud work in every situation?