In episode #320 of Business Insanity Talk Radio, we first talk about why only 30% of employees feel engaged at work and what your small business can do to increase that number. Next, we’ll tell you five crucial conversations that managers need to have with their employees. When’s the last time you were really listening to a presentation? It was probably when someone was telling an engaging story. We need to do the same thing in our business; we’ll share the two stories every business needs to be able to tell. Finally, do you have a game plan for your business? Our last guest is a game plan expert and will talk us through how to make one that will last.

Listen and enjoy:

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1:43 – Segment 1: Dr. Nicole Lipkin is a business psychologist specializing in leadership and organizational development. She is the author of the popular leadership book What Keeps Leaders Up At Night.

3:18 – What to do when you wake up worrying.

5:05 – Only 30% of employees report feeling engaged at work. What is the cost of disengagement in a small business?

6:36 – What small business owners can do to engage their employees. Nicole discusses the tangible and intangible aspects of engagement.

7:30 – Don’t break the psychological employer/employee contract.

9:05 – Understand these two psychological human concepts that are essential to engaging employees.

14:30 – Segment 2: Kim Janson is the author of Demystifying Talent Management: Unleash People’s Potential to Deliver Superior Results. She has 20+ years of experience working in over 40 countries in senior roles.

15:30 – Why do we avoid having heart to heart conversations?

16:15 – The five crucial conversations managers need to have with their employees.

18:54 – The logistics of how to have these crucial conversations with your employees.

21:15 – People will give you more discretionary effort if they know you care about them.

22:32 – If people aren’t being successful, it’s because of one of two things: skills or will.

30:30 – Segment 3: Judy Carter is an international keynote speaker, speaking coach, and workshop leader on the power of personal stories and humor to inspire others and decrease workplace stress. Judy’s latest book is an interactive workbook entitled: Finding Extraordinary Stories in an Ordinary Day.

31:32 – Why are stories so important for businesses to tell?

32:30 – The two authentic stories every company should tell.

35:33 – Craft and master your story.

39:57 – Segment 4: How to Get Unstuck

41:00 – Do any of these things sound familiar? If so, you may be stuck.

42:01 – How you can start getting unstuck today.

45:59 – Special offer code.

49:00 – Segment 5: Ciara Pressler is a marketing strategist working with new and growing businesses in the U.S. and globally. She is the author of a book called Game Plan: Achieve Your Goals in Life, Career, and Business.

49:54 – Why Entrepreneurs need a “game plan”.

50:39 – The four key elements of an effective game plan.

51:18 – How to chunk down big goals into actionable steps.

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