Many small business owners think that when they have their own business, they will have alot of free time since they no longer have a boss. They figure now that there is no one keeping track of their time, they are “home free”!

The reality is that they actually have more bosses and therefore more demand for their time. Having your own business actually means that their customers are their boss. Their employees are their boss. Their vendors are their boss.

Business people that run a company actually find that they have less free time to do what they want outside of work, rather than more since they are responsible for so much.

Successful small business owners can carve out free time on their own away from their company if they jealously guard their time. This does not necessarily mean strike a balance between your business and personal life, but a focus and commitment to being in a single place at a time. For example, there should be places and times in your life that business simply does not enter. This could be as simple as not using your smartphone at the gym or not bringing it into your bedroom at night. To others, it means putting personal time as a meeting on their calendar and sticking to it. This is important since a successful small business owner finds a way to recharge every day by being mentally and emotionally away from their work.