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You Need to Be a Little Crazy: The Truth About Starting and Growing Your Own Business


This book debunks the myths of business start-ups by telling the truth: You have to be crazy to start a business. Written by serial entrepreneur Barry Moltz, the book delivers irreverent, straight talk about the complex intersection of start-up business, financial health, physical well-being, spiritual wholeness and family life.

This perspective is augmented with other personal tales from the entrepreneurial front. The book offers tidbits of insight that will vaporize isolation, encourage self-reflection and refresh the spirit of anyone who has started a business or is thinking of starting one Book now available in Chinese, Korean, Thai and Russian!

Advance Praise for, You Need to Be a Little Crazy: The Truth About Starting and Growing Your Business by Barry Moltz

"Actually, you'd have to be crazy NOT to start your own business! The truth is that there's nothing more satisfying or productive. Barry's book is a great place to start." Seth Godin Author, Permission Marketing and Purple Cow

"If you're thinking about starting a business, you'd be crazy not to read this book." Daniel H. Pink author, Free Agent Nation

"Provides an unvarnished look at the heights and depths surrounding entrepreneurial endeavors as seen from an experienced professional." Harold Welsch Head of DePaul University Entrepreneurship Program

"Entrepreneurship now has its own Bill Cosby. Barry lets us into his private life and private mind to reveal [entrepreneurial] truths in a human way." Barry Merkin Professor of Entrepreneurship Kellogg School of Business, Northwestern University

"Moltz truly paints a candid portrait of the life of the entrepreneur. If you are an entrepreneur wannabe, this book will test your resolve through its tales of the frustrations, challenges, and sacrifices endured by most entrepreneurs. If you are already an entrepreneur, this book makes you realize you are not alone on your journey and offers advice and support in moving forward." Ellen A. Rudnick Executive Director and Clinical Professor Michael P. Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship University of Chicago Graduate School of Business

"Barry Moltz's common sense approach that includes lessons learned from so many other successful entrepreneurs is a must read for anyone contemplating starting a business, running or working in a start-up, or reflecting on their own entrepreneurial experiences." Linda Salchenberger Associate Dean, School of Bus Admin. Director, Center for Info Mgmt & Tech Loyola University Chicago

"This book really delivers what it promises: the absolute truth, straight from the horse's mouth, about getting your own business off the ground. It’s not for the faint of heart, but if you are truly driven by a passion to start your own business, You Need to Be a Little Crazy is a must-read!" Roger Luman Managing Director Turner Center for Entrepreneurship

"Entrepreneurship is much more than a set of tools and techniques for starting and growing a business. Barry's book discusses all facets of entrepreneurship that captures the never-ending roller coaster ride of launching and building businesses. This is a must read that goes beyond the inside operations of new venture creation and gives us a rich account of the passion, values, and struggles of today’s entrepreneur." Jill Kickul Elizabeth J. McCandless Professor of Entrepreneurship Simmons School of Management

"Barry Moltz was in Nike mode when he wrote You Need to Be a Little Crazy, repeatedly telling his audience of would-be entrepreneurs, "Just Do It!" Don't worry about what others think, whether the stars are properly aligned, whether there might be a better time, or whether you'll get rich. Just do it. Because, as Moltz underlines repeatedly, until you take the leap and launch your own business, there is no way to know. This book is well worth your time." George Lipper National Association of Seed & Venture Funds

"Barry Moltz pulls no punches as he describes the tremendous highs and lows of starting a business. By relating his own experiences as an entrepreneur, as well as the experiences of scores of others, Barry has distilled universal truths that every start-up entrepreneur can learn from–and benefit from. Lively, sobering, realistic, informative and at times inspiring, You Need To Be A Little Crazy is a book you definitely need to read before taking the life changing step of becoming an entrepreneur." Brian Hill Co-author, Attracting Capital from Angels, and the corporate thriller, Overtime.

"Moltz is right on the money in his new book, You Need To Be A Little Crazy. His perspective as both a businessperson and an investor gives budding entrepreneurs a clear picture of the challenges that lay ahead when starting a business. The personal insight Moltz provides is enlightening, and invaluable." Dee Power Author, Inside Secrets to Venture Capital

"To the fledgling or "would be" entrepreneur, You Need To Be A Little Crazy is a huge dose of reality. Read it quickly. Underline all the signposts of the rocky road ahead, then forge ahead with a newly informed passion. To those of us who have already launched and sustained new businesses, Barry's book helps explain all our wild, tumultuous feelings. Most importantly, by reading this book, we can join the community of friends who persist in trudging along this strange path and loose our terminal sense of uniqueness." Clay Garner President, Growth Resources Inc. Chairman-Chicago, TEC International

"Barry Moltz has created a groundbreaking book that inspires people into powerful action to grow a successful business. Funny, provocative, and always engaging, he is a master storyteller." Melissa Giovagnoli President, Networlding, and co-author of Networlding and The Power of Two: How Companies of All Sizes Can Build Alliances Networks that Generate Business Opportunities.

"Barry Moltz has written an entertaining and important book for anyone who has ever been consumed by the irrepressible creative fever of the high-risk entrepreneur." Wendy Goldman Rohm, bestselling author, The Microsoft File