Brookings Means Business

I presented this week at the Brookings Business Outlook Conference in Brookings, OR.  Although it’s an all day trip to get to this small town from Chicago,  the Oregon coast lives up to its tourist slogan of “Wild Rivers”.  I love visiting places like this for work.  Besides the […]

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Small Businesses in Aruba Getting Unstuck!

Today, I have the  privilege to head to Aruba to speak at the 65th Anniversary dinner of the Aruba Trade & Industry Association.  ATIA is the largest commercial sector NGO on Aruba.  Over 250 companies which employ more than 15,000 people, are members.  ATIA’s membership represents […]

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Making Your Elevator Pitch

I love the idea of an elevator pitch. Telling someone what you do or what your business does in less than 60 seconds.  Now, this is indeed a talent.

Given the chance, many of us can blab on for a long time about what […]

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My 1,000th Post: Make Money and Do Good

I was the keynote speaker at the first Annual JVS Chicago Business Lunch for about 300 people at a Chicago Hotel. JVS trains people from many different cultural and economic backgrounds to find meaningful and productive work. They have a focus on people also with disabilities.

Randy Lewis, Senior Vice President at Walgreens was […]

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Anecdote to the Economy? Try CEO

I presented on Saturday as the closing keynote at the Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization. This is one of my favorite events to present at…Imagine 1400 entrepreneurial minded college students from hundreds of colleges all in one room wanting to build businesses? If that does not inspire you, I am not sure what does. It is a great […]

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