Homer Economicus: The Simpsons and Economics – Read at your own risk

Homer EconomicusIn his book Homer Economicus: The Simpsons and Economics, author Joshua Hall uses the Simpsons and their hometown of Springfield to reveal that economics is everywhere.

The title of Homer Economicus is a play on the economic term homo economicus, which conceptualizes the perfectly rational individual. […]

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Forget Accounting- Profit First!

profit first

One of the best small business thinkers in the business, Mike Michalowicz just released his third book, called Profit First. This books solves one of the biggest problems for most entrepreneurs: how they actually get paid to run their company!

The story goes like this: […]

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The Duct Tape Guy Does it Again

ABC=  “Always Be Closing“-  from Glengarry Glen Ross

ABC= “Always Be Connecting”– John Jantsch

I love John Jantsch’s books. They are always easy to read and have a load of action steps that any small business owner can take to […]

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A New Guerrilla Guide to Finding Money for Your Startup

The classic startup financing guide has been updated and improved this year. The Guerrilla Startups Guide (formerly known as the Smart Startup Guide) is now available through AntiVentureCapital.com. The Guide has an interesting history. After getting fed up with working with venture capitalists, Peter Ireland began looking for alternative ways to fund the launch […]

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