Tapping Your Advisors

Guest post from Kevin Sanborn at The Hartford:

Starting a business in any industry can be overwhelming.  From organizing start-up capital to gathering the essentials (i.e. computers, office space, etc.), there are countless steps between “I’m starting my own business” to […]

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The Entrepreneur’s Revolution Starts in Appleton, Wisconsin






No one is coming to help us.

If the economy is going to improve, it is up to entrepreneurs with the support of their local communities to start companies and put people back to work.

This is one of the messages that was discussed at the 5th Anniversary of  the Fox Valley Technical College […]

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Failing Up at the Commonwealth Club


I felt honored to speak at the famed Commonwealth Club in San Francisco. Every major political and business person has spoken at the club. The format was a Question and Answer with Cassie Phillips, founder of Failcon. Here is a sneak peak of our prep session for the event. (yes and I […]

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