Fear is the Only Thing Holding You Back

Barry Black Belt



“May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.”- Nelson Mandala

While traveling in South Africa this past year, I came across this quote from Nelson Mandela. It struck me that in my life, I make a lot of my choices out of fear. Unfortunately, as […]

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When Too Much Security Means a Bad Customer Experience

By: Barry Moltz


citibank-logo1Security is a huge topic these days with recent news around the world. What’s more, the Internet and the electronic world is not getting any safer. Banks lose billions of dollars a year in online fraud. But at what point does security become too tight […]

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When Your World Just Isn’t Scary Enough

I always say that people buy when they are in pain and small businesses need to target this pain. But, the success of this small business has me puzzled.

Adam Thick, runs a company called Extreme Kidnapping near Detroit, Michigan. For $500, he and his […]

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Yes, Today is Really My Birthday, But…

(This is an update on a post I published two years ago when I was younger!)

Birthdays are wonderful even at age 51.  The alternative to getting older, well.. isn’t so wonderful.  I also enjoy when my  friends, business associates, social media buddies and clients (ie-people you actually know) […]

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If the Groundhog Sees His Shadow, 12 More Months of Recession

On Groundhog Day, we all wait this year with alittle bit more anticipation. Of course, those of us in the Midwest and Northeast are always afraid that the groundhog will see his shadow and that will mean 6 more weeks of winter. But this year, Groundhog Day takes on a special meaning. I believe that […]

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Insuring My Life

Like many of you, I have recently looked at our family budget. What most surprised me was the amount of money that I spend on all types of insurance in a month:

All Types of Life Insurance for my family: $1,500

Health Insurance: $1,500

Disability Insurance: $300

Home Insurance (2): $250

General Business Insurance: $200

Car Insurance: $50

That’s $3,800 a month or […]

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