When Too Much Security Means a Bad Customer Experience

By: Barry Moltz


citibank-logo1Security is a huge topic these days with recent news around the world. What’s more, the Internet and the electronic world is not getting any safer. Banks lose billions of dollars a year in online fraud. But at what point does security become too tight […]

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Yes, Today is Really My Birthday, But…

(This is an update on a post I published two years ago when I was younger!)

Birthdays are wonderful even at age 51.  The alternative to getting older, well.. isn’t so wonderful.  I also enjoy when my  friends, business associates, social media buddies and clients (ie-people you actually know) […]

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Insuring My Life

Like many of you, I have recently looked at our family budget. What most surprised me was the amount of money that I spend on all types of insurance in a month:

All Types of Life Insurance for my family: $1,500

Health Insurance: $1,500

Disability Insurance: $300

Home Insurance (2): $250

General Business Insurance: $200

Car Insurance: $50

That’s $3,800 a month or […]

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