Today, Really Say What You Are Thankful for

We rarely say what we are thankful for.

But on a day called Thanksgiving, it makes sense to say it out loud to the people you care about.

What I am thankful for:

1. My two fantastic kids […]

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GM’s Traverse Is the Best of All Possible Worlds

Free car for a week? Sure. I drive strictly an electric vehicle and public transportation these days, but couldn’t pass up GM’s generous offer to review their Crossover SUV “Traverse”.  It’s the best of all possible worlds. A vehicle that drives like a luxury car, carries 7 people like a mini van and hauls […]

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WTF? Is it Okay to Swear at Work?

In my private life, I swear a lot. I can’t tell you why. It seems to the easiest why to express my feelings. But here is where it becomes a problem for business.

Here, it is quite the opposite. I think it shows a lack of […]

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Is Coffee Shop Productivity is a Myth?

The Urban Dictionary defines Coffee Shop Productivity as: ” The idea that if you do your work outside of your room or office you’ll actually get more done, because you took the time to get out there and work somewhere else in the first place.

Starbucks and other coffee shops with wifi have become a […]

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Are Your Employees Ready to Lead like Steve Tasker?

Are you ready for that big chance? At the Super Bowl last night, Steve Tasker  (@SteveTasker89), former Buffalo Bills player and sideline reporter for CBS Sports came ready! When the power went out at the New Orleans Superdome, Tasker was the only one on the sideline […]

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Why Your Next Company Car Should Be a Porsche

I read an interesting article in Business Week last week about how in Germany, many company cars are Porsches. German telecom owns 38,000 vehicles for their employees. 85% of high end cars in Germany are registered to companies. In the US, the number […]

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