Protected: In This Election, Make Sure the Truth Still Matters

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How to Get An Email Reply Everytime


I get frustrated when I don’t get a reply every time to an email. Sound familiar?

I don’t really expect a reply when I send emails to people I  have never done business with or talked by phone. But I do get disappointed when I don’t get email […]

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Is the Business Dress Code Dead?


My last company was a technology mail order business. We had a lot of sales and services reps on the phone and over the Internet. As a result, few customers ever came to visit our office. After working at other companies (including IBM) where I had to […]

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Today, Really Say What You Are Thankful for

We rarely say what we are thankful for.

But on a day called Thanksgiving, it makes sense to say it out loud to the people you care about.

What I am thankful for:

1. My two fantastic kids […]

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GM’s Traverse Is the Best of All Possible Worlds

Free car for a week? Sure. I drive strictly an electric vehicle and public transportation these days, but couldn’t pass up GM’s generous offer to review their Crossover SUV “Traverse”.  It’s the best of all possible worlds. A vehicle that drives like a luxury car, carries 7 people like a mini van and hauls […]

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WTF? Is it Okay to Swear at Work?

In my private life, I swear a lot. I can’t tell you why. It seems to the easiest why to express my feelings. But here is where it becomes a problem for business.

Here, it is quite the opposite. I think it shows a lack of […]

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