Don’t Let the Worst Part of Your Life Define You

worst dayI interviewed Jay Coughlan on my radio show last month about the worst part of his life. He joked about his hard upbringing: “In our neighborhood,” he says, “A few kids were going to Penn State, but even more were going to the state pen.” […]

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Busting a Myth: You Will Have Lots of Free Time When You Have Your Own Company



Many small business owners think that when they have their own business, they will have alot of free time since they no longer have a boss. They figure now that there is no one keeping track of their time, they are “home free”!

The reality is that they actually […]

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Fear is the Only Thing Holding You Back

Barry Black Belt



“May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.”- Nelson Mandala

While traveling in South Africa this past year, I came across this quote from Nelson Mandela. It struck me that in my life, I make a lot of my choices out of fear. Unfortunately, as […]

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Why I Go Off the Grid to Help My Business

Family off the grid


I enjoy working all the time. I am always online and in touch with whoever reaches out to me. It’s because I am passionate about what I do and I am able to combine my personal and business life.

But, every two years for the […]

What I Am Still Thankful For





(Thanksgiving post where I always talk about what I am thankful for.)

I am struggling with my words this year because of the unprecedented rancor of the presidential election.

Quite frankly, I am questioning what the future of America now looks like.  I have been in a funk these […]

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Protected: In This Election, Make Sure the Truth Still Matters

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