Stop Procrastinating Tomorrow

Running a business requires discipline and hard work, and sometimes it’s tempting to procrastinate, even when each day seems really busy. Procrastination has become easier with social media, email, on-demand entertainment, and TV interrupting our every action. Even sitting around doing nothing is tempting when there are overwhelming tasks ahead. Luckily, there are many ways […]

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A Loss Can Be a Gain

Ashley Merryman wrote a great op-ed in the New York Times explaining why “Losing Is Good for You,” and she gave an interesting label for the excessive trophies in school sports, calling the system “The Trophy-Industrial Complex.” She says if kids get trophies just for participation and are rewarded for simply showing up rather […]

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Your Biggest Competitor to Making That Sale? Indecision

Today we tackle one of my favorite subjects and probably the one that is so maddening and scary to most business people: Sales.

Most of us are afraid of sales and as a result we don’t know how to do it consistently with a system, We don’t know who to ask, and what to look for. […]

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The Dashboard Melted But We Still Have The Radio

“Well, it would’ve been, could’ve been worse than you would ever know.
Oh, the dashboard melted, but we still have the radio
.”- Lyrics from “Dashboard” by Modest Mouse

As I was listening to this song this morning, this sums up my attitude toward the current economic climate that most of us find ourselves. Carnage is all […]

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Thunderbird- How Do You Bounce?

When I was speaking at Thunderbird School of Management in Phoenix today, I asked one question: How Do You Bounce?

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What I Love About Business This Time of Year

I know there can be alot of pressure around this time of year, but I actually love these last few weeks. In keeping with the spirit of “lists” this time of year, here are my top reasons.

1. We slow down. There is an ending date by which people want to do business every year. Today it […]

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