Why It’s Important for CEO’s to be on Social Media



This guest post is from Nick Rojas.

Regardless of the size of your business or the industry you’re in, one thing is for certain: if you’re a CEO, you need to be on social media. There have been hundreds of studies that show how social media can help […]

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How to Develop Engaging Online Content

facebook likeAre you struggling to get Facebook shares, likes, and Twitter retweets for the content you post online?

Maybe the content isn’t cool enough.

That’s one factor that could be holding people back from sharing says Emerson Spartz who studies how posts go viral on the internet. He has developed […]

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Social Media Marketing- Now on Demand!

The internet has proven itself to be a wonderful medium for sales, and social media is the most fertile frontier in the infinite internet. At least, it is in theory: most small businesses (and many large ones) still don’t understand how social media can score them more customers and profits. If you’re sick of feeling […]

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Why We Value Fake Followers

There was a Reuters article by Jim Finkle in the Chicago Tribune (though you can read it online at the Toronto Sun’s website) about how you can buy followers on social media. This is not new news, but what surprised me was that fake followers now sell for a higher price than stolen […]

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Facebook’s First Billion

“They” say the first billion is the toughest. This year, Facebook reach 1 billion users. This is an atonishing number since there are only 7 billion people in the world! This means that almost 15% of the world has a Facebook account! Bloomberg Business […]

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Guest Post: My Favorite Social Media Pet Peeves

I have been a big fan of Danielle Liss for many years since meeting her briefly at Blogworld many years ago with Kelly Olexa. In her guest post, she weighs in on many business pet peeves that are close to my heart:

To Whom It […]

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