How Much Money Does It Take to Start a Company?


It is a myth that every entrepreneur needs outside investment to start a company. In fact, most small businesses never raise outside money to start their business. Instead, they bootstrap the entire venture themselves with the help of family and friends partially because it takes a lot […]

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The 10 Office Supplies You Need for Your Office


This post is sponsored by the Staples brand products that help your small business stock up for less.

To be effective these days, a small business owner still needs more than a computer or a smartphone. Consumable office supplies still are required to complete daily work. I’ve teamed […]

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Your First 10 Steps to Start a Small Business


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A founder has a long winding road just to launch a business and any mistakes will be expensive. Here are ten steps to take for making the journey a bit easier.

  1. Determine the […]
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Tapping Your Advisors

Guest post from Kevin Sanborn at The Hartford:

Starting a business in any industry can be overwhelming.  From organizing start-up capital to gathering the essentials (i.e. computers, office space, etc.), there are countless steps between “I’m starting my own business” to […]

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Pitch Corner

I have written about elevator pitches before. I love the concept of being able to summarize what your business does in a few short sentences that will inspire the investor to want to learn more.

Mike Brennan wrote me to show me Pitch Corner. Think YouTube meets the business plan competition. As the […]

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Uggs Adds On

I was quoted in the Chicago Tribune today, taking about Piggybacking about a product for Uggs boots:

“Piggybacking on an existing hit is a great way to break into retail and gain distribution quickly, which otherwise can be expensive and time consuming, experts said.

“They are adding on to a market that is already there,” said […]

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