Why I am Breaking Up with my Apple Watch

apple-watch-6_1I wanted to love you. I ordered you on the very first day and eagerly awaited your arrival. When you finally came, I went to the Apple Store to make sure we were a perfect match. You were easy to get to know.

There are so many […]

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Want to be as successful as Groupon?

On Business Insanity Talk Radio, we talked with one of the most successful entrepreneurs right now on the planet, Groupon director co-founder, Brad Keywell.  We discussed:

  1. Where did the inspiration for Groupon come from?
  2. What do they know that they wish they knew at the […]
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Making Your Business More Profitable

36 small business owners told me how they plan to make their business more profitable this year.

Check out what they had to say and actions you can take to help your business.

Making Your Business More Profitable.  What is your favorite tip?

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The Cruel Hoax of Higher Health Care Deductibles

For business owners, there is no expense that has gone up more in the last decade than employee health insurance. High double digit annual increases are common.  Health care insurance is the only business where you can raise your prices 25% a year and offer […]

5 Reasons Why Chris Brogan Matters

I have only known social media expert, Chris Brogan for a few years. It bothers me when I see people writing that now that Chris is more well known and has had a lot of success in the social media space that somehow he has "jumped the shark".

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Brian Solis: Engage or Die!

Social media superstar, Brian Solis was in Chicago on Wednesday talking about his new book, Engage: The Complete Guide for Brands and Businesses to Build, Cultivate, and Measure Success in the New Web

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