New Place to Recharge at Chicago’s ORD Airport

national car rental emerald lounge

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Airports can be busy and uncomfortable places to wait. I know because I travel every week and spend a lot of time just waiting. No one wants to spend a lot of time at […]

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Why I Go Off the Grid to Help My Business

Family off the grid


I enjoy working all the time. I am always online and in touch with whoever reaches out to me. It’s because I am passionate about what I do and I am able to combine my personal and business life.

But, every two years for the […]

Southwest’s First Class Culture


I fly every week on American Airlines and have over two million domestic miles traveling with them. But last week, I flew on Southwest Airlines with my parents (and their dog) to take them back to Florida. Surprisingly, I now wish I flew on that airline […]

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9 Actions to Take If Your Business Flight is Delayed

flight delay

I fly 100 flights a year, so I consider myself somewhat of an expert at flying. About 20% of all flights in the U.S. do not arrive on time.  If your flight is delayed, increase the chances of getting to your location by taking these […]

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Why I Am Not an Uber Fan


Well it seems that two things are true in the world of travel.

1. Everyone is an Uber fan.

2. I was the last person to use the Uber app.

Now I will admit that the taxi companies actually created Uber with their blatant disregard for customer service. I […]

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5 Tips for Disconnecting from Work on Vacation

work-on-vacationWe all say we need a vacation, but why is it that when we finally do get a vacation our work comes with us? Well, because businesses don’t take vacations (unless it’s a permanent one…). There is always work to do.

While it might be a necessity to […]

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