Does Boss’ Day Really Matter to Small Business?

National Boss’ Day, originally instituted in 1958, was created to show Appreciation to Management for being reasonable, and fair to their staff.

Today, it can also be celebrated by small businesses and entrepreneurs–who in many cases are the Boss and the Staff! If your like most Small Business Owners, you probably work 27/9. Yes, that’s 27 hours a day/9 days a week. It leaves little time for yourself, your family, and other important things in life that you miss out on because your catching a flight, attending a conference or playing with your new tech gadget to increase productivity for your business.

Celebrating Bosses day allows you to stop and appreciate your business successes, or if you haven’t had much success, it gives you a reason to meetup with friends for golf, a movie, spa treatment or a day trip to an unique place!

If you missed Bosses Day, no worries! After you finish reading this post…Go Celebrate! Do it for yourself, do it for your business and if those reasons aren’t good enough–do it for the people who have to put up with you 27/9.

Tachelle Daniels contributed to this post.


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