#403 Small Business Owners Tap into Their Intuition, Plus What Customers Really Want



On this episode of Business Insanity Talk Radio, we talk about how entrepreneurs feel stuck—stuck at their income level, at their stress level, and uncertain about what choices to make to achieve their career goals. We show them how tapping into their intuition can provide them the clarity they need. Also, we answer the age old question “what do customers really want?” and it’s not what you think. Plus, we share how polls can be misleading and what you should look out for when you hear poll results. Finally, learn how your body sends you messages that can help boost your business.


After working for over 16 years as an executive assistant to major International Business leaders such as Rupert Murdoch and Chase Carey, Tricia Stewart Shiu had a front row seat to observe, absorb and learn leadership techniques that made these power players so successful. As a recognized clairvoyant, and 33 time award-winning author of 7 books ranging from inspirational mysticism to deepening the power of intuition, she shows people how they can tap into their own intuitive skills.

15:45 – What is a clairvoyant?

16:30 – Should you always trust your intuition?

17:15 – How to unlock your personal receptors and interpret extrasensory information.

18:45 – What major habits make most people miss important intuitive “hits”?

20:00 – Do people receive messages in different ways?

21:30 – What if your intuition is wrong?

23:45 – Is everything that happens meant to be?

Randi Busse is a Customer Service Speaker, Trainer and Author of “Turning Rants Into Raves: Turn Your Customers On Before They Turn On YOU!”

31:00 – What do companies think customers want?

32:45 – What do customers actually want?

33:15 – How do you inspire your employees to think and act like owners of your company?

34:30 – Why satisfied customers may be hurting your bottom line.

35:45 – Why a complaint is a gift.

John H. Johnson, PhD is an internationally renowned speaker, consultant and author who helps consumers and some of the world’s largest companies understand how to interpret data. He is the author of “EVERYDATA™: The Misinformation Hidden in the Little Data You Consume Every Day”.

40:45 – How polls can mislead you.

41:30 – How you ask the question can make a big difference.

42:30 – Beware of small sample sizes.

43:30 – Know what numbers matter.

44:30 – When people get surveyed do they tell the truth?

45:45 – What is the difference between online polls and telephone polls?

Author, Speaker, Trainer, and Executive Coach Steve Sisgold has spent the past 25 years studying and teaching the relationship between beliefs held in the body and success, how the body “billboard” sends micro messages that affect authentic communication and how self-awareness lowers stress and boosts peak performance. He has appeared on major radio and TV shows including PBS, Oprah and Mantel and blogs for The Huffington Post, Mindbodygreen, and Psychology Today. He is also the author of the book “Whole Body Intelligence”.

49:45 – How do small business owners use the mind-body connection to be successful?

50:45 – What gets stuck in our body? Does it make us successful or unsuccessful?

52:15 – The free assessment to see what may be getting in the way of the success you deserve.

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