#407 Christine Mason, Author of Indivisible, Shares How to Be Happier and More Connected, Plus Learn the Keys to Moving Your Small Business Agenda Forward



On this episode of Business Insanity Talk Radio, we first talk about how to become more connected in the face of violence based on false divisions; our first guest shows us how to heal. Then, we’ll show you how to find people to work with you and convert the folks working against you so you can push your agenda for your company forward. Plus, if there is one thing that can make or break a deal, it’s etiquette; we’ll show you the biggest do’s and don’ts for business meals. Also in this episode, we take a closer look at e-commerce and specifically mobile commerce for the holiday season. Finally, do you know that you have a choice in setting up a company besides C, LLC and S? We’ll take a look a B Corporations and how they can benefit your small business.


Segment 1: Christine Mason has been a leader in the tech sector for twenty years as the venture backed founder and CEO of several companies. She is the curator of nine TEDxs, the convener of Naked Conversations, and founder of LoveSpring. She is the author of the new book “Indivisible”.

2:30 – Why are people lonely and alienated from one another?

3:45 – How to fight pathological individualism in our culture.

6:00 – Why are people violent to each other?

7:45 – How might we shift our internal state and the design of our institutions to be happier and more connected?

8:45 – Christine’s favorite transformation story from her travels around the world.

Segment 2: Samuel Bacharach is the author of “THE AGENDA MOVER” and a Professor at Cornell University.  His is the cofounder of the New York City-based Bacharach Leadership Group and a regular columnist for Inc.  He has written more than twenty books including “Get Them on Your Side” and “Keep Them on Your Side”.

15:00 – The danger of being a “lone ranger”.

16:00 – How to build a coalition that’s critical to executing your plan.

17:15 – The key mistakes small business owners make when executing their agenda.

20:30 – The four key arguments to justify your agenda with naysayers and critics.

21:30 – How to overcome the fears that rise in the face of new ideas.

23:15 – How to determine the right approach to get your allies on board.

Segment 3: Sharon Schweitzer is a cross-cultural consultant, business etiquette expert and best-selling and international award-winning author. She has built a career around understanding cultural differences and the tremendous role they play in building strong and successful international business relationships.

31:30 – Etiquette mistakes small business owners often make at business meal.

33:15 – Where should you sit? What should you order? What other signals should you be looking for?

35:30 – Should you drink alcohol at the business meal?

Segment 4: Tom Caporaso is the CEO of Clarus Commerce, a recognized leader in e-commerce and subscription commerce solutions. Tom is not only an expert in e-commerce, but he is also particularly sought for his knowledge on m-commerce, holiday shopping trends, subscription services and loyalty solutions. Tom’s expert commentary has been shared by Fox Business, Refinery29, CNNMoney, CNET, Business Insider, Inc. Magazine, and more.

41:00 – Why are more and more people holiday shopping online?

42:15 – The shift of retailers to the loyalty/subscription loyalty model.

43:15 – Ideas for subscription loyalty models for small business.

44:30 – What role does mobile commerce play in the world of e-commerce?

45:45 – How microdecisions drive mobile commerce.

Segment 5: Wendy Strgar is an award-winning entrepreneur, author, loveologist, and sex educator whose work has helped thousands of people reclaim their passion and heal their relationships. She is the founder and CEO of Good Clean Love, a pioneer in the organic personal care product industry.

49:50 – What is a B Corporation?

51:15 – Why set one up?

52:30 – Advice for businesses looking to become a B Corporation.

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