#409 Mike Pile of Uppercase Branding Shares How to Effectively Name Your New Business, Plus New Tools that Make Collaboration Easy



On this episode of Business Insanity Talk Radio, we first talk about branding, specifically how to name your company – a task that brings a lot of anguish to entrepreneurs. We’ll show you the best way to come up with the most effective name for your business. Then, for small business owners, with so much work done virtually, being able to have your team collaborate remotely in the cloud is critical. We’ll show you the best practices and tools to make your team effective. Plus, learn how to handle all the difficult personalities at work! Also, what is the aftermath of the election on small business? Our experts weigh in. Finally, we talk to a company referred to as the “Uber of tutoring” about the success they’ve seen in their business.


Segment 1: Mike Pile is president and creative director of Uppercase Branding, a verbal identity firm that specializes in creating powerful and evocative brand names for new companies, products and features. He has more than 25 years’ global brand development experience with advertising agencies, Fortune 500 firms, and startups.

1:45 – Does the name of your company actually matter?

2:30 – Where to start in creating a strong brand name.

3:15 – What is the Make or Buy Decision when naming your business?

5:15 – The best and worst company names.

7:00 – What factors should I consider when naming my business?

9:00 – How important is it that the business name be easy to spell?

Segment 2: Melanie Gass is an engaging speaker who is passionate about cloud technology and helping SMBs find the technology to achieve their dreams. As the Sr. Business Development Manager for Microsoft, Melanie helps shape Microsoft Community Connections (MCC) to deliver strong value to customers and influencers engaged in the program while negotiating new scalable methods to engage with more SMBs.

15:30 – Why collaboration tools are the secret ingredient to small business success.

17:30 – Collaboration tools are affordable for small businesses to purchase.

20:00 – What tools does Microsoft have that makes collaboration easier for small businesses?

22:30 – Valuable analytics for small businesses inside Microsoft 365.

Segment 3: Melissa Davies is an internationally respected expert on developing workplace environments where people are able to show up better, with more of their whole selves. She works with clients across North America and spends much of her time working with military organizations. She is the author of the new book “How to Not Act Like an *Bleep* at Work”.

31:45 – Why did you write the book?

32:30 – What behaviors cause the most tension at work?

34:15 – Do we handle each personality differently?

35:30 – At what point do you decide a personality just won’t work with the team.

Segment 4: Jamie Izaks possesses a combination of credentials rarely found in others. His professional experience spans nearly 20 years, including executive level management at the leading national public relations agency serving the franchise industry prior to launching All Points. Previously, Jamie was the public relations manager for Chicago-based Hyatt Hotels Corporation, working at the company’s global headquarters. Earlier in his career, he earned his stripes in the news industry as an anchor, reporter and producer at various NBC, ABC, FOX and FOX SportsNet network affiliates throughout the United States.

41:15 – Democrats and Republicans are saying the American Dream is slipping away – how do you build a successful business despite roadblocks?

42:45 – The minimum wage increase impact on small businesses.

45:15 – What are small businesses to do about the rising cost of health insurance?

Segment 5: Mark Berookim, cofounder of Everly has been immersed in developing and operating tutoring companies in the K-12 educational services sector for decades. They are educational-savvy entrepreneurs primarily focused on improving academics and delivering successful, large-scale tutoring programs using innovation and technology.

49:50 – How do you handle both the parents and children as clients?

51:00 – How is Everly the Uber of tutoring?

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