On the Web or IRL, Your Image Matters

When I was growing up, I could never understand that my father never cared what he looked like. He would dress in whatever he had on and not care to (as I saw it) look his best.

Fast forward 30 years to me. Now I get it. Except when I am speaking in front of an audience, I do not really care what I look like. This is a constant aggrevation to my wife.

At another great presentation at SOBCON this past weekend, Kali Evans-Raoul at The Image Studios talked about the importance how you present yourself IRL (In Real Life). This was a gutsy presentation for Liz Strauss to have at a social media conference for those of us who thrive “behind the screen”.

Kali talked about how in the world, performance is expected. You can’t really get anywhere for doing a great job. All the pros do that. She emphasized what projects your message is your visibility and how quickly you can get people to know about it. She asked each of us to come up with 5 words that describe us (our brand). Mine were: Crazy, Entrepreneur, Responsive, Honest, Resilient. What would yours be?

Kali all gave us a homework assignment:

1. Get Feedback on Your Handshake: Don’t be to soft or too pushy.

2. Beware of Business Card Etiquette: Don’t give without being asked.

3. Edit Your Smart Phone Signature. Let people know its hard to type this is why the messages are short.

4. Love your Outbound Greetings on Your Voice Mail: What are you really saying with your tone?

Are you consious of your image IRL?

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Barry Moltz has founded and run small businesses with a great deal of success and failure for more than 25 years. He is a small business expert that helps companies get unstuck. Barry is a bestselling author, in-demand keynote speaker, and dynamic radio talk show host.

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