When Never to Apologize in Small Business

When not to apologize

My mother always taught me that if you do something wrong, it’s good to apologize. But some people actually say “sorry” too much. This is a problem in business because it makes them seem smaller than they actually are. Unfortunately, this also works against […]

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How to Fake Being Smart

how to look smartAn article in The Atlantic recently suggested that there are certain habits and appearances that can make someone appear intelligent without having to speak a word.

Here is a list of their slightly ridiculous strategies for appearing more intelligent:


1. Wear glasses. Yes, people actually […]

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New York Times’ About.com Interview on Bounce!

Scott Allen interviewd me over IM a few days ago about the new book, Bounce! It was my first time I had done this type of interactive interview which was not by phone. I enjoyed it because while it gave me more time to think, but it still was very spontaneous. Read […]

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Tiger Woods Bounces!

Tiger always says that you need to have a short memory in sports. Forget what just happened. You need to always focus on the next shot.

This is what it is to “Bounce!” in business. Make a short celebration of your victory OR feel sorry for your failure. But then focus your energy on what is coming […]

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