When Never to Apologize in Small Business

When not to apologize

My mother always taught me that if you do something wrong, it’s good to apologize. But some people actually say “sorry” too much. This is a problem in business because it makes them seem smaller than they actually are. Unfortunately, this also works against […]

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A Loss Can Be a Gain

Ashley Merryman wrote a great op-ed in the New York Times explaining why “Losing Is Good for You,” and she gave an interesting label for the excessive trophies in school sports, calling the system “The Trophy-Industrial Complex.” She says if kids get trophies just for participation and are rewarded for simply showing up rather […]

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[Guest Post: Katherine] Your Update is Not Perfect, Shiny, or New

This is a rant.

Meet the disgruntled customer:

We’ll call her, oh, let’s say, Katherine. Katherine sees the infinitely shiny and appealing new application store on iTunes. Katherine wants. Katherine eagerly downloads applications and proceeds to cry a bucket of invisible tears when she realizes that she must wait (oh no) a whole ten hours for Apple […]

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Big Brown Knows That Sometimes Failure Just Stinks

News Item: NEW YORK (AP) —”Trainer Rick Dutrow Jr. says he feels “like a loser” after Big Brown’s stunning last-place finish in the Belmont Stakes, and he was still searching for answers Monday about what went wrong. Big Brown became the first horse seeking the Triple Crown to finish last in 140 years of running […]

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