[Guest: Katherine] Compassionate Customer Service?

Barry asked me to write one blog a week, so I’ve been sitting in front of my computer wondering what I should write (although I’m sure Barry won’t be surprised to see that I’m blogging early in the morning). Am I going to bring down the tone of his blog? What if I’m horrendously off-topic? […]

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New York Times’ About.com Interview on Bounce!

Scott Allen interviewd me over IM a few days ago about the new book, Bounce! It was my first time I had done this type of interactive interview which was not by phone. I enjoyed it because while it gave me more time to think, but it still was very spontaneous. Read […]

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Tiger Woods Bounces!

Tiger always says that you need to have a short memory in sports. Forget what just happened. You need to always focus on the next shot.

This is what it is to “Bounce!” in business. Make a short celebration of your victory OR feel sorry for your failure. But then focus your energy on what is coming […]

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