New York Times’ Interview on Bounce!

Scott Allen interviewd me over IM a few days ago about the new book, Bounce! It was my first time I had done this type of interactive interview which was not by phone. I enjoyed it because while it gave me more time to think, but it still was very spontaneous. Read […]

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What I Love About Business This Time of Year

I know there can be alot of pressure around this time of year, but I actually love these last few weeks. In keeping with the spirit of “lists” this time of year, here are my top reasons.

1. We slow down. There is an ending date by which people want to do business every year. Today it […]

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Salespeople Are Not Evil!

I was disturbed by a recent Chicago Tribune article stating that most people think sales people are a ‘necessary evil’. The survey sited that:

“41 percent of consumers rate the quality of the sales profession below mediocre, describing salespeople as “leeches” and “rashes…46 percent also said they would be ashamed to call themselves a salesperson.”

While a […]

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