How I (Almost) Got Over My Fear of Flying


I have a fear of flying. This is a problem for me since I board an airplane 100 times a year. A long time ago, I had to decide that if I wanted to continue to do the work I love, I had to cope with this fear of flying […]

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Southwest’s First Class Culture


I fly every week on American Airlines and have over two million domestic miles traveling with them. But last week, I flew on Southwest Airlines with my parents (and their dog) to take them back to Florida. Surprisingly, I now wish I flew on that airline […]

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Why I Am Not an Uber Fan


Well it seems that two things are true in the world of travel.

1. Everyone is an Uber fan.

2. I was the last person to use the Uber app.

Now I will admit that the taxi companies actually created Uber with their blatant disregard for customer service. I […]

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