Since leaving IBM in 1990, I have started up three businesses of my own.  I have gone out of business, been kicked out of business, and sold my last business during the Internet bubble of 1999.  I have borrowed and repaid various banks millions of dollars.

Living all stages of the business life cycle myself has prepared me (in ways I could have never anticipated) to help other companies grow, change, recover, and, yes even, close down.  My consulting practice is cross-industry, serving $2M to $25M businesses as well as divisions of major corporations.  My specialty is family business consulting.  I also provide mediation services for partners who are having problems resolving their differences.  I have extensive first-hand and consulting experience in turning under-performing or failing businesses around.  As a registered business broker, I assist others in the buying and selling of businesses.

Most clients call me when they are in pain.  While I do have clients who bring me in when their business is on the hockey stick curve we all dream about, most of my engagements come about because something is going wrong or has to change…and often that something isn’t what the owner or founder expects it to be.

I will listen to what you want to accomplish and hear what your business problems are.  From there, I will develop a plan to assess your business and will make recommendations supported by detailed tactics.  I work on an hourly, project or retainer basis.

I consult with dozens of companies every year.  I know how to identify root causes quickly and make recommendations that a client (large or small) can actually implement.  I also know what it’s like to operate under stress with limited resources.  My firm belief is that with understanding, focus and the willingness to change, there is no business situation that can’t be improved.