#385 Presidential Politics in the Workplace and Healthy Money Practices

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On this episode of Business Insanity Talk Radio, we first talk about political discussions in the workplace and why it is important to have a politics policy for your business. Then, we discuss healthy money practices that can change your view toward money for the better. Next, we’ll talk about how to enact real change in your company. After, we’ll show you how your small business can tap into all the data that’s out there; it’s everywhere and in every company but few actually use it in their business. Finally, we’ll show you how to stop hiding, invest in yourself, and be who you were meant to be.

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Segment 1: Rob Wilson is president of Employco USA, Inc., a HR outsourcing firm that manages and administers human resources for its clients, thereby allowing them to concentrate on their core business objectives. He co-founded Employco in 1996, and has grown it to over $275 million in revenue. In 2015, Employco USA was recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest growing companies in America.

2:30 – Should you ban discussion of politics in the workplace?

3:30 – What should your politics policy look like?

4:15 – The dangers of heated political discussions in the workplace.

5:45 – How to integrate your politics policy into your social media policy.

6:45 – What happens when business owners hold fundraisers for a particular candidate?

7:45 – How will this election affect small businesses?

To learn more, visit www.employco.com

Segment 2: Amanda Abella is a millennial financial expert and Amazon best-selling author of “Make Money Your Honey”. Through her writing and coaching she teaches millennials how they can have a better relationship with work and money. Her work has been featured in Forbes, The Huffington Post, and Business Insider.

15:00 – Money mindset and how it affects entrepreneurs.

16:45 – What are healthy and unhealthy views toward money? How do you change the unhealthy views?

18:00 – How to combat the Money = Success + Power marketing message.

19:15 – Why starting a business is one of the best things you can do for your finances.

20:15 – Healthy money practices you can start right now.

To learn more, visit www.amandaabella.com

Segment 3: Chris Laping brings more than 25 years of information technology and business transformation experience to his book on change leadership “People Before Things”. Most recently, Chris was the Senior Vice President, Business Transformation and Chief Information Officer at Red Robin Gourmet Burgers, where he was part of a management team that completed a successful turnaround of an $8 stock to $89. Chris has received several awards for his work in the IT industry including being named as a ComputerWorld Premier 100 IT Leader and The Economist’s Top 5 Social Business Leader.

31:45 – It’s easy to talk about change but how do you get actual change to happen?

32:25 – How important is the WHY in change leadership and what is the WHY?

35:30 – What kind of WHYs do people buy into?

To learn more, visit http://www.peoplebeforethings.co

Segment 4: Howard Tullman is a serial entrepreneur, venture capitalist, educator, writer, lecturer, and art collector. He currently serves as CEO of 1871, Managing Partner of G2T3V, LLC, and the Managing Partner of Chicago High Tech Investment Partners LLC.

41:30 – Why is “data the oil of the digital age”?

42:15 – How do small business tap into all the data out there?

44:30 – Network is more important than the audience. Why?

45:55 – What to expect at Sage Summit July 25-28 in Chicago.

Segment 5: Kaya Singer, is a Wise Woman entrepreneur, mentor, artist, and author, and has a mission to help visionary women wake up, stop hiding, invest in themselves and BE who they are meant to be in the world.

49:45 – Why is it difficult to look inward?

50:30 – Should you trust your intuition?

51:15 – What does it mean to be wildly visible?

52:10 – Find your tribe.

For more information, visit www.awakeningbusiness.com

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