#542 Finding Meaning, Money, and Happiness in Your “Retirement Years”

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SEGMENT 1, starting at 0:00 – The face of retirement is changing. Growing numbers of experienced entrepreneurs and older workers are staying engaged in the economy long after the traditional retirement age, leading what’s being called the “unretirement revolution”. Chris Farrell, a leading expert on the trend toward working longer in the second half of life, is here to share how people are spending their “retirement years” these days, and how there is meaning, money and happiness to be found.

SEGMENT 2, starting at 14:45 – When it comes to retail, the elephant in the room is always the big guys like Amazon and Walmart. As a small business owner, how do you compete against these giants? The good news is that many entrepreneurs are being successful at it, and here to show us how is Dan Breedon, the head of content and communications for Yahoo Small Business.

SEGMENT 3, starting at 35:30 – Content marketing is now king. As a small business owner, you have to show you care about your customer outside of the normal course of selling them stuff. This is why so many big companies now have a content marketing function in their organization. Here to tell us how this works are Kendall Fisher and Suzy Strutner who work on Grow Wire for Netsuite.

Read more about each guest and their segment below.


Segment 1: Chris Farrell is a leading expert on the trend toward working longer in the second half of life. He is senior economics contributor to Marketplace and economic commentator at Minnesota Public Radio. Chris is the author of “Purpose and a Paycheck: Finding Meaning, Money, and Happiness in the Second Half of Life” published by HarperCollins Leadership.

1:00 – People are now working longer. Is it because they need to or want to?

3:00 – What are people doing in their “retirement years” these days? Why are many starting a business?

5:30 – There is still time to find purpose in the second half of life.

7:30 – Why we need to drop the stereotype of the grumpy old person who can’t learn new technology.

Segment 2: Dan Breeden is the head of content and communications for Yahoo Small Business, where he manages content generation and syndication, developer and agency marketing, and public relations.

14:45 – How do small merchants compete against giants like Amazon and Walmart in today’s e-commerce world?

16:30 – Why you don’t want to be like Amazon or Walmart. What should your small business do instead?

18:45 – Why you shouldn’t be afraid to have a specialized small business.

22:15 – How you can use Amazon and Walmart for free research on what your small business may want to sell.

24:00 – Why you shouldn’t be shy to use video in your small business.

25:30 – What can brick and mortar stores do to compete with online stores?

Segment 3: Kendall Fisher is a passionate and avid producer, host, writer and digital strategist. She’s taken on the role of creator, producer and host of the Grow Wire Show working with highly inspirational entrepreneurs and business leaders all over the globe. She’s even hosted red-carpet awards shows like the Golden Globes and the MTV Video Music Awards! Suzy Strutner is the managing editor of Grow Wire, NetSuite‘s media network. She manages the website’s day-to-day coverage, publishing articles that deliver tactics for business and career growth via real-life company stories. Prior to NetSuite, Suzy was a lifestyle editor at HuffPost.

35:30 – Why was content marketing brought into the marketing mix at NetSuite in the form of the Grow Wire Show?

38:15 – An entrepreneurship success story from the Grow Wire Show.

40:15 – Why was Grow Wire set up as a separate media network from NetSuite?

41:30 – What kind of content does Grow Wire provide to help entrepreneurs?

43:00 – What hot button issues do entrepreneurs have today?

46:45 – Why was it important to include a Business Women section on Grow Wire?

50:00 – Where should a small business start with content marketing?

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