#548 Are Bad Reviews Killing Your Online Reputation?

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SEGMENT 1, starting at 0:00: Online reviews have become a critical part of a prospect’s decision making process. So how can small businesses encourage genuine good reviews? How should they handle bad reviews? Jeremy Lessaris, founder of online reputation management company irevu, is here to share the simple mistakes small business owners often make and how to avoid them to save your online reputation.

SEGMENT 2, starting at 19:15: We are currently in a very tough job market for employers. The war for talent is intense, and employers need to turn to new places to find top people. LinkedIn’s Andrew Chimka is here to talk about how many small business owners are turning to new college graduates to fill their positions and why this can be a great option (with a few caveats).

SEGMENT 3, starting at 37:30: Learning how to speak in front of your staff, customers and your peers is a required skill for small business owners. Unfortunately, there still is a lot of fear around speaking to groups of people. Top speaking coach Joe Williams is here to help business owners and leaders harness their energy and prepare for their presentations so they bring out their best when they speak.

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Segment 1: Jeremy Lessaris spent 16 years as the Global VP of Marketing & Communications $17B year US/Chinese conglomerate, ringing the opening bell at NASDAQ in 2014 (one of the fastest growing stocks in IL). He has helped close 4 M&A deals in tech and manufacturing and sold 2 of his own ventures in tech and healthcare. Today Jeremy is a serial entrepreneur and founder of; ✪irevu an online reputation management company.

2:00 – What trends are we seeing with online reviews?

4:15 – Why are we attracted to negative reviews first?

6:15 – How can businesses genuinely manage their online reputation?

8:15 – How has the scandal with Yelp hurt the industry?

9:30 – Simple mistakes businesses make when managing online reviews that can cost them everything.

13:30 – Where are online reviews heading in the future?

Segment 2: Andrew Chimka is working to connect people with opportunity by scaling LinkedIn’s Jobs platform, building features that enable job posters to find and hire top talent.

19:15 – What’s the current state of the job market? Why are employers hiring more new graduates than in previous years?

22:30 – Why you shouldn’t be afraid to look outside of your area for entry level talent.

24:30 – What should small businesses emphasize in their job descriptions if they want to attract young talent?

27:00 – What meaning are new grads looking for in their work?

30:00 – What tools does LinkedIn offer to help businesses hire top talent?

Segment 3: Joe Williams helps executives, coaches, and entrepreneurs become world class communicators! Joe is the Founder of Creative Performance Group, where he helps people get their message out to the world in the most powerful way possible. He has worked with and spoken for peak performance coach Anthony Robbins for over 20 years.

38:10 – What makes speaking the master skill for great leaders?

40:30 – Why small business owners, coaches and consultants must master speaking in front of people.

42:00 – How to harness your energy so it brings out the best when you speak.

45:00 – How to prepare for your presentations, talks and speaking engagements.

49:15 – What’s the first step small business owners can take to become better speakers as leaders?

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