Courtesy of and Daniel Dyer


With the World Health Organization raising the the flu pandemic alert from 4 to 5 (there is only one more level to go which is 6, but we all must read Stephen King’s “The Stand” to find out what happens), Swine flu deserved another post. After one of my twitter buddy, Miss Destructo  yesterday solved one of the mysteries of the world (what is the difference between a YAM and a SWEET POTATO), I asked her solve the mystery of what is Swine Flu now. She replied on her blog:

“Sure thing Barry, but of course you know that Swine Flu albiet a horrible pandemic is actually the name of a upcoming German industrial band? (You say it… “SVINE FLUGH”)”

As Miss Destructo says, this German band actually probably has the worst marketing campaign ever: Spread the Sickness!

Any other mysteries you need solved by Miss Destructo?