Billion Dollar Bill

Starting a business is never easy, but what about one that gets to be a billion dollars?  On the radio today I interviewed Robert Jordan, who is the author of How They Did It: Billion Dollar Insights from the Heart of America

We talked about:

1. What is the common secrets of all of these billionaires.

2. Why you shouldn’t avoid failure.

3. Why success is not a solo act.

4. Why passion comes before skill.

5. Why business is just a series of alternatives.

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My next guest was April Wilson who launched and produced nationally syndicated shows Daytime, Star Watch, Reel Animals Fishing Show, all  currently running on cable networks such as Outdoor World Network, Retro Television Network, Tuff TV and more.

As a veteran producer and feature reporter, April has had the opportunity to interview top A-list athletes, fly in a F-16 fighter jet, dine with Michelin star Chefs and conduct one-on-one celebrity interviews with Harrison Ford, Robin Williams, Morgan Freeman, Nicole Kidman, James Cameron, Michael Caine, Liam Neeson, Bette Middler, Hilary Swank, Susan Sarandon, Faith Hill and Jerry Bruckheimer. We discussed:

1.  How TV and social media have changed and are merging!

2.  How to make it in reality TV.

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