ABC=  “Always Be Closing“-  from Glengarry Glen Ross

ABC= “Always Be Connecting”– John Jantsch

I love John Jantsch’s books. They are always easy to read and have a load of action steps that any small business owner can take to improve their company right now. I got an early copy of Duct Tape Selling: Think Like a Marketer-—Sell Like a Superstar and it’s another gem.

John discusses how the job of any sales person has totally changed. Information on the Internet has shifted the very foundation of this process. Sales people no longer have to just close but need to attract, teach, serve and develop trust. They need to provide value by suggesting solutions for their customers and not just recommending product features. They have to create their own expert platform, stay connected before and after the sale by curating value content and mine networks to help get referrals for their clients. In the book, John shows how effective sales minded business people listen, stay connected to the community and build a reputation.

Reading this book will help every small business owners be less afraid of sales and get excited about instead educating their customer. It includes the actions that anyone can take to “think like a marketer and sell like a superstar!”

Well done, John. You always provide value without all the fluff!