On episode 340 of Business Insanity Talk Radio, we talk about one of the biggest things missing from small business owners – a personal brand. What is it and how do you get one? Next, we tackle the legal complexities of managing people in 2015. We’ll show you how to make sure your small business is complying with regulations. Are you considering business school? Think again… my next guest has another option for you that costs less. Next, learn your legal rights for when someone is bad mouthing your company online. Finally, hear from the teenager entrepreneur and how he hopes to inspire other teens to start businesses.

Listen and enjoy:

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Segment 1: Sima Dahl is America’s Personal Branding Champion. She’s a speaker, trainer and coach who helps people harness the power of their digital footprint to get more of what they want.

1:25 – Why do you need a personal brand?

3:00 – What 4 elements make up a personal brand?

4:55 – Is it better to have a broad brand or specific brand?

5:45 – Everyone has a personal brand whether they like it or not. Why?

7:05 – How proactive should you be in defining your brand?

8:35 – How do you make sure your personal brand is consistent?

Segment 2: Jean Olivieri is a small business owner who also leads Marketing for ADP Small Business Services, which provides HR and payroll solutions for more than 400,000 small businesses in the United States.

15:05 – Why is the human resources landscape becoming increasingly complex?

16:00 – How can small businesses keep track of their employees to make sure they are complying with regulations?

16:45 – 7 of 10 employers are out of compliance with wage and hour laws. What is the most common pitfall?

18:00 – Why small businesses should use a payroll service like ADP?

20:15 – Can my company ban that? Jean discusses the “gray areas” around dress, body art and social media practices.

Segment 3: Clay Clark is the founder of Thrive15 and the constant wallet-losing former “U.S. SBA Entrepreneur of the Year” who has been described by the folks at Yahoo as the “Jim Carey of Entrepreneurship.” He was “Metro Chamber of Commerce Entrepreneur of the Year” at the age of 20 and the “U.S. Chamber National Blue Ribbon Quality Award Winner” at the age of 27. As the result of his tireless tenacity and honey badger work ethic, he’s been able to found and co-found several successful companies including: DJ Connection, Elephant in the Room Men’s Grooming Lounge, Thrive15.com, etc. while finding the time to co-produce five children.

31:15 – Why is education changing?

32:50 – Will online learning actually replace traditional college and business school? Should it?

35:00 – What is Thrive15 and how does it help people learn?

Segment 4: Lesli Harris is a member of Stone Pigman Walther Wittmann, LLC. She focuses on intellectual property and entertainment law, representing professional sports teams, television networks, start-up companies and music venues.

40:30 – What is the most important thing for small businesses to do with intellectual property?

41:15 – What are the “don’ts” of talking about your competition on social media?

42:00 – What can small businesses do legally to stop people bad-mouthing them on the internet?

44:00 – Should your small business get a patent? Lesli discusses what you should consider in order to protect your products.

Segment 5: Marc Guberti is a teenage entrepreneur, digital marketing expert and author. He is the co-founder of Teenager Entrepreneur, a movement that educates and empowers teens worldwide with the knowledge they need to become successful entrepreneurs. Marc has surpassed 250,000 social media followers.

49:45 – What made Marc so interested in entrepreneurship at such an early age?

50:30 – Why is it important to be a teenager entrepreneur?

51:30 – How do teens find more time in their schedules to start a business?

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