Clothes Are Not The Only Thing in Your Hotel Closet

When was the last time you really looked at what was in your hotel closet?

Hangers, Bathrobe, Dry Cleaning Order Form, Ironing Board, Room Safe, Extra Pillow, Extra Blanket?

Guess what was hanging in my closet at the Hyatt Regency in Dallas?


 This is so I don’t have […]

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Banks Now Posting Signs: We Make Business Loans!

A Sign on the Times

When I was in San Antonio this week, I was struck with a sign outside of one bank: It said:

We Make Business Loans

Strange: It’s like your local grocery store putting a sign out front that says:

We Sell Food

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Learning to Keep My Mouth Shut: Confronting A Sky Marshall In The Airport

Last week, when I was traveling through a major airport, I noticed a man ahead of me telling a TSA person a number when we were going through security. He was let through the gate without having his bags X-rayed or having to go through the metal detector. I have never seen this before. He then […]

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On the Business Insight Set with Wells Fargo Bank

This past Thursday, I was in San Francisco at the Media One studios filming a segment on how small business owners can thrive during challenging business cycles. Wells Fargo sponsors a Business Insight Series hosted by Nelson Davis to help small business owners. It was great to be working with a bank that gets how important […]

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NOT On the Radio and NOT in Chicago

This week had two firsts and a second. Aren’t I lucky?

After 25 years of traveling, this was the first and second time, I was stranded flying and spent a night in a city I did not plan. On Thursday night, I missed my connection to San Antonio from Dallas. I stayed in Dallas On Friday, […]

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During Unstable Times, We Buy Buffet

I received a direct mail piece that stated on the envelope in bold letters:

When it comes to financial stability, it helps to be led by one of the world’s most successful businessmen

The letter from a Vice President at Geico Insurance goes on to say how successful Geico has been since Warren Buffet bought the […]

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