#39 Understanding Your Financial Statements and All Other Numbers – May 08,2009

Special One Hour: The number one thing that gets owners in trouble is not understanding their financial statments. Listen to find out what to look for and what to do about it!Small Business | Financial Statements | Entrepreneur | Income Statment | Cash...

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On the Web or IRL, Your Image Matters

When I was growing up, I could never understand that my father never cared what he looked like. He would dress in whatever he had on and not care to (as I saw it) look his best.

Fast forward 30 years to me. Now I get it. Except […]

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What I Remember Before the Great Recession

As my children come of age during this Great Recession, I sometimes whimsically remember things that were before the current economic mess:

Do you remember when banks used to lend money to businesses?

Do you remember when you could get more than a 2% return on your money at banks?

Do you remember when your 401K use […]

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Building Relationships Online? Meet Their Hierarchy of Needs

I always tell people in my speeches that when you meet people for the first time (IRL= In Real Life as they say), that you need to begin to build trust….and that it takes a long time and you should not trade on this trust too soon. Take it slowly.

But, how do you build a […]

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What a Social Media Experience: 150 People In a Room Tweeting and Learning

Over the weekend, I had the chance to attend one day of a social media conference in Chicago called SOBCON. It is a conference put on my Liz Strauss for business bloggers and social media folk.

Now I have attended alot of conferences in 27 years […]

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To Handshake, Hug, Bump or Bow: This is a Real Question

Has Swine Flu effected your behavior at public events? I am a recovering germophobe so these past few weeks have been a challenge for me.

On Friday and Saturday, I attended 3 different large events. I was curious to see if people would be shaking hands and […]

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