#37 Is Your Business in Crisis? – Apr 24,2009

Is your business in crisis? Learn how to what to do and how to make it through to the other sideCrisis | Management | Small Business | Entrepreneur | Sales

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From Daily Mug Shot to Daily Bad Hair Day?

Randy working at home

A former client of mine, Randy Hilger took a look at my Daily Mug Shots. It’s quick shots of me taken over the past 30 days. It’s fun to watch. In response to this, Randy created his own web […]

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Ok, I had tears in my eyes when Susan Boyle sang!

I have to admit that I was cynical.

Did I want to be the 11,871,170th person to watch Susan Boyles’ performance on Youtube? I had heard that it got more views than Obama’s inaugaration speech! I had seen these shows before and I admit, I watch American Idol. But could this woman really be […]

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You Need to Control Time to Get the Edge In Negotiations

We spend a lot of our life negotiating things. The person that has the upper hand in any negotiation is the one that controls time.

For example, if you are interested in selling your business, but you have no time constraint, you can get wait for a better price since your not in a rush. If you already […]

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What is Your Stimulus Plan?

These days everybody has a stimulus plan.

President Obama works on one for the country. Automakers advertise theirs to us on every commercial.  Mark Cuban, famed businessman and owner of the Dallas Mavericks came up with his own. He states on his blog if you post “your business plan here on my blog where […]

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Get Cash for Your Receivables Now!

Last year, the Receivables Exchange debut and is finally hitting their stride. This type of activity has taken on new importance as large companies are stetching out their payment terms expecting the small supply businesses to be their bank. Many Fortune 500 companies are now paying in 120 days! When all else has failed, small […]

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