Doodle saves time

doodle-logo I got an email from Brandon Watts, owner of Wattsware, about the effectiveness of Doodle, which is a scheduling service (they have free and paid versions). The creators of Doodle claim that they can save people
time when scheduling meetings or […]

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Will Cubicles Make Employees More Honest?

There’s been a trend in offices to get rid of cubicles and instead have an open-floor plan so that employees can easily communicate with each other and not be separated. Some companies do it just to save money. While there are various reasons for not having cubicles, here’s a reason for not getting rid of […]

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#242 Patrick Rettig, Gregg Lederman and Paul Polak

Scheduled Guests: Patrick Rettig, the CEO Whisperer tells smal business owners how to turn around a failing company. Gregg Lederman shows how to keep your employees and customers engaged. Paul Polak demonstrates how business can solve poverty in the wo...

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How to Get There When Your Flight Cancels

I travel every week and fly over 100 flights a year. It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes a flight cancels and I am stuck trying to get to my destination. This is especially tough when there is bad weather and a lot of flights cancel at […]

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Do We Need a New Keyboard?

People have been using the Qwerty keyboard (the keyboard you’ve been using on typewriters, your computer, and now your phone) for 100 years, but now there’s a new keyboard in town: the KALQ. According to Natasha Lomas in Techcrunch, this new keyboard will increase the ease and speed of thumb typing, which is […]

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