All In The Family, Business That Is

Fact: Family businesses generate over 50% of the GNP.

Fact: Less than one third of family businesses survive the transition from first to second generation ownership. Another half don’t survive the transition from second to third generation.

Fact: Scooters  offers no less than 20 flavors of frozen custard.

From Berkshire Hathaway and Wal-Mart to Scooter’s Frozen […]

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What I Love About Business This Time of Year

I know there can be alot of pressure around this time of year, but I actually love these last few weeks. In keeping with the spirit of “lists” this time of year, here are my top reasons.

1. We slow down. There is an ending date by which people want to do business every year. Today it […]

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Working with Intention

When I was on vacation in the mountains is Utah this past summer, I walked a stone labyrinth at the beginning of each day. Carrying only my sunglasses and hotel card in my pocket, I felt light and free. Since the labyrinth is a circular path, there is really no where to go. This actually was […]

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Down Shift Into The Slow Lane

I always talk about striving for minimal achievement. Trying to focus on doing one thing at time. This is becoming nearly impossible in a culture that rewards “multitasking”. When we do more than one thing at a time, we not only lose the quality of the work, but also the enjoyment. Moving at high speeds […]

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