#343 The GPS Voice, Cybersecurity, Board Games, Sales Tools, Twitter Tips

On episode 343 of Business Insanity Talk Radio, we first talk to the woman behind the voice giving you directions on your smart phone. Who is she and how did she get her voice into GPS systems? Next, we are going to show you the one thing you have to do if you want to protect your small business from internet dangers. Do you have an idea for a board game and wish you could bring it to market? We’ll talk about how my next guest did just that. How often should you follow up with a prospect after they have said no? We’ll reveal the secret formula. Finally, we are going to show you how to make money on Twitter.

Listen and enjoy:

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Segment 1: Karen Jacobsen is The GPS Girl® who gives directions as the speaking voice over 400 million GPS and smartphone devices around the world. She is a professional speaker, singer and voice-over artist, Karen has appeared on ABC World News Tonight, NBC Today Show, CBS Early Show, NPR, The New York Times, NY Daily News, Glamour Magazine, and was named one of People Magazine’s Most Intriguing People. She is the author of the new book Recalculate: Directions for Driving Performance and Success.

2:00 – How did you get your voice into the GPS systems?

4:30 – Do you ever get tired of hearing her own voice? What places have you heard it?

6:15 – Karen has built an empowerment brand called The GPS Girl®. How did she make the connection between recalculating in the car and recalculating in life?

7:45 – The advice Karen has for small business owners who must recalculate on a daily basis.

9:30 – Karen discusses the message in her new book Recalculate.

Segment 2: Anthony L. Butler is a lifelong technologist and serial entrepreneur. He has founded three businesses and is currently the CEO of Can-Do Ideas, a leading digital marketing firm. Anthony is a professional speaker and as a combat veteran, former Airborne Ranger, and graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point, his talk, “Combat Leadership for Business” has garnered rave reviews. Often described as the CTO or Chief Translation Officer, his greatest skill may be the ability to take a complex technological idea and make it easy to understand. He is the author of numerous articles on leadership, sales, marketing, and technology.

15:30 – Anthony is a West Point grad and Iraq veteran. How did he get into technology?

16:00 – With all the high level hacks in the news, what can small business do to protect themselves?

18:00 – What is one piece of technology that small business owners must have in their business today?

20:15 – Should businesses allow employees to use their personal devices for work?

21:30 – How important is changing your passwords on a consistent basis?

23:45 – Technology is changing fast. What does the future hold for small businesses? What is the number one thing small businesses should look at?

Segment 3: Tim Swindle is the cofounder of the game Utter Nonsense, a card game where players combine stereotypical accents with outrageous phrases to create sayings that are just plain ridiculous. Utter Nonsense is proudly based in Chicago, Illinois and manufactured in Battle Creek, Michigan. The game is suitable for ages 18 and up and contains 500 cards chock-full of bawdy humor.

31:15 – How did Tim get started in creating this card game?

32:15 – What was the tipping point that made Tim decide this game could be a business? How much money did he invest?

33:05 – How did Tim get his game into Target? How many does he hope to sell?

33:45 – How does Tim run the company while having a full-time job?

35:00 – What advice does Tim have for people who want to create a game? Does he say “don’t do it!” or “go ahead, get started!”?

Segment 4: John McGee is the founder of OptifiNow, a Software as a Service (SaaS) that helps sales teams engage with their customers through an integrated marketing communications platform. OptifiNow provides organizations a single platform to connect with customers via Email, Mobile, Social Media and Direct Mail.

40:30 – Why do companies spend so much money to get leads and then never follow up with them again?

41:30 – Is there an inherent disconnect between marketing and sales or is something in the sales process broken?

43:00 – What tools can help companies follow up with prospects? How does OptifiNow help?

46:15 – How do you make sure sales reps use these tools?

Segment 5: John Sparks is recognized nationally as one of the Top 100 Social Media Power Influencers of 2015. Sparks provides one on one & group Twitter consulting/coaching to celebrities, media personalities, corporations, businesses, and schools wanting to amplify their brand, develop better social media strategies & build quality connections. He is the author of the new book “365 Ideas To Go From Good To Great On TWITTER!”.

49:30 – How do you start to go from good to great on Twitter?

50:30 – How do you monetize Twitter followers?

51:15 – Besides using Twitter for a prospecting tool, what can you use it for?

52:00 – What John sees in Twitter’s future.

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