#360 Zombie-Proof Your Business, Big Brands & Small Biz, ExecuSpeak Dictionary

On this episode of Business Insanity Talk Radio, learn how you can get rid of the people that suck the life out of your business. Next, learn how large corporations should communicate and build a relationship with small businesses. After, we talk to the owner of a family business about how it has been successful since 1939. Finally, learn whether or not your small business lingo is actually good for your business.

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Segment 1: Jamie Gerdsen is CEO of Apollo Home in Cincinnati, and author of ZOMBIES ATE MY BUSINESS:  How To Keep Your Traditional Business From Becoming One Of The Undead.

2:30 – Who are the zombies in a business setting?

3:45 – How can one zombie in a small business make all the difference in that company’s success?

4:30 – Why don’t small business owners “kill” the zombies?

6:30 – What can one do to zombie-proof their business?

7:45 – What is the key to transferring a family business from generation to generation?

8:45 – How Jamie handled buying his family business from his dad.

Segment 2: Dan Gliatta, co-founder of Cargo, has used a 20+ year marketing career to hone his knowledge and understanding of the small business decision maker. Working with major brands such as Microsoft, Intel, 3M, Mercedes-Benz, Citrix, and others, Dan has become a leading marketing expert and strategic guru on helping bigger brands market to smaller businesses.

15:30 – How can big brands better connect with small businesses?

16:45 – How do different mindsets affect what success looks like for small business owners?

18:15 – What other mistakes do big brands make when doing business with small businesses?

19:30 – Why is it a problem that big brands base a lot of decisions on marketing research?

20:30 – Should big brands deal with solopreneurs different than dealing with small businesses?

21:45 – How will Millennials alter the small business owner landscape? What can big brands do about it?

22:45 – Which large corporations are doing a great job working with small businesses?

Segment 3: Barry Moltz shows you how to get your business unstuck.

31:30 – Do any of these sound familiar?

32:15 – How to take your business to the next level.

33:30 – What’s in the Unstuck course?

36:30 – Special offer code.

Segment 4: Chris Lee is the CEO of R.E. Lee Companies based in Charlottesville, VA.

40:15 – How has R.E. Lee Companies succeeded as a family business since 1939?

41:15 – How do you separate work and family?

41:45 – How is the ownership of the business structured?

44:00 – What is the key to your business’s success?

45:30 – As a general contractor, what is your sustainable competitive advantage?

Segment 5: Carol Heiberger believes that glossaries and lexicons need to be re-recognized as valuable tools. Carol is the author of the original ExecuSpeak Dictionary®.  That book served as both the model for the company’s product and service offerings and the inspiration for the research that is in Business IS Another Language, the e-book that she is sharing with us.

49:45 – Are lingo and jargon a good or bad thing in small businesses?

51:30 – Is this a better way for adults in the workplace to learn?

52:15 – How does the ExecuSpeak Dictionary® support informal learning?

52:50 – Carol’s eBook offer.

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Barry Moltz gets business owners unstuck by unlocking their long forgotten potential. With decades of entrepreneurial experience in his own business ventures, he has discovered the formula to get stuck business owners and increasing their sales. Barry has founded and run small businesses with a great deal of success and failure for more than 20 years. After successfully selling his last operating business, Barry founded an angel investor group, an angel fund, and is a former advisory member of the board of the Angel Capital Education Foundation. His first book, “You Need to Be A Little Crazy: The Truth about Starting and Growing Your Business” describes the ups and downs and emotional trials of running a business. His second book, “Bounce! Failure, Resiliency and the Confidence to Achieve Your Next Great Success”, shows what it takes to come back and develop true business confidence. His third book, “BAM! Delivering Customer Service in a Self-Service World” shows how customer service is the new marketing. His fourth book, “Small Town Rules: How Small Business and Big Brands can Profit in a Connected Economy” shows how when every customer can talk to every other customer, it’s like living in a small town: Your reputation is everything! His fifth book, “How to Get Unstuck: 25 Ways to Get Your Business Growing Again” helps every small business owners move their company to the next level. Barry is a nationally recognized speaker on small business who has given hundreds of presentations to audiences ranging in size from 20 to 20,000. As a member of the Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame, he has appeared on many TV and radio programs such as CNBC’s The Big Idea, and MSNBC’s Your Business. He hosts his own radio show on AM560, and writes for American Express and Forbes.